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2 Quick Useful Tips To Help Achieve Your Goals

2 Quick Useful Tips To Help Achieve Your Goals

I can share with you two small but useful tips:

  1. Follow up and
  2. Set goals over which you have complete control.

Let’s look at each of these:

Follow through

Perseverance is the ability to move forward, no matter what obstacles you face in reaching your goals. It is a habit, a discipline of staying mentally and emotionally focused on what you want to achieve and behaviorally focused on what you need to do when things get tough.

Remember that when you are at the point where you want to give up, persevering a little longer is all it takes to succeed.

Following through also requires reflection and adjustment if necessary. Here are three tips for following through.

Tip 1: Taking action is hard, do the work and do it until it’s done; the key word here is UNTIL. I will keep moving forward until it is finished, until I succeed, etc.

Tip #2: Choose each day to consciously work toward your goals, even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t make it an option; tell yourself you HAVE to do it! Think about the costs of not doing it and think about the benefits of doing it. In most cases, you will feel better about yourself by doing it while you don’t feel like it, rather than feeling guilty about not doing it.

Tip #3: If you feel like today is an unproductive day and you feel like procrastinating, let me ask you a question: what is the smallest, easiest thing you can do today that will make tomorrow easier? What I do when I’m creating online courses and I have a day where I don’t want to shoot videos, so I’d rather research the topic for an hour or two, those small actions make a huge difference.

What do you have control over?

The second tip is that you should set your goals based on what you can control. Here are the 4 things that can either keep you from reaching your goals or keep you from reaching your goals.

They have control: these are goals that are set for you by others, such as your boss, team members, etc. These can be sales goals, budgets, etc.
We have control: think of your relationships with your spouse and friends, your goals for building and developing these relationships are dependent on all parties.
I have no control: These are factors such as the economy, disasters, war, violence, environmental changes, etc. over which you have absolutely no control and which will influence your goals.
I have total control: All of the goals you set for yourself are completely under your control and you are responsible for them.
So the answer is simple: keep moving forward no matter what and set goals based on what you can control. Use these two tips to help you achieve your goals, even when things get tough!

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