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6 Quick Tricks for Glamorous Look

6 Quick Tricks for Glamorous Look

  1. Luscious lips

The color of a lipstick should, without any doubt, be red; as women, who wear a red lip color are instantly signal “glamour”, even if they are wearing the simplest outfit. As for those, who are simply not able to imagine themselves with red lips, it is quite possible to choose from at least a couple of shades of glossy red, which also looks perfectly. However, even if this proposal does not convince someone, it is still possible to try to wear a caramel – color “nude” lipstick topped with a bright berry gloss for a look, which would both be festive and trendy.

  1. Maximum mascara

One can take a tip from the stars and punch up her look with some extra mascara, especially, if it is necessary to go from a day, spent at the office right to night at the office party. It is normal for a woman to wear only one coat of mascara; however, if someone puts on a second or even third coat at the end of the day, paying special attention to the outer edges and making sure to have all the lower lashes covered, this, without any doubt, adds drama to the woman’s look.

  1. The smoky eye

Smoky eyes are much easier to achieve, than someone may think. The main trick is to apply a very soft kohl pencil, in black to provide a really dramatic look or brown pencil for somewhat less edgy look. Anyway, it is necessary to have the entire eye outlined.

glamorous_lookIn order to make everything correct, one should lift the upper lid in a gentle way and apply the pencil to the rim right under the natural lash line. After that the pencil should be brought down and around to the inside rim of the lower lash line. And, finally, it is possible to finish the look by smudging brown or grey shadow on the lid and just under the lower lash line.

As for the smoky eye effect, it is much advisable to have some practice before applying them for the big night, as the lining the rims procedure is considered to be quite a tricky one, and it can possibly make the eyes water. In case if a woman does not manage to get the hand of it, she can apply kohl pencil on the top of the lid only, which will play a role of an eye liner, and after that have the brown or grey eye shadow smudged under the lower lashes. It is also quite possible to soften the entire look by dusting the eye area with a shimmering gold powder.

  1. Lash out

Adding false lashes can easily cross the line from glitzy to ghastly; however, there are several simple rules and tricks of their application and choice.

It is much advisable to buy lashes with an invisible strip, and do bypass the heavy layers of fringe and go for the sparse, separated styles instead.

The trick to the false eye lashes application is the following: the glue is to be the one, which dries clear and no more than a very thin line should be spread along the base of the false lashes. After it has set for about half a minute, the strip is to be pressed in a gentle way as close to the woman’s natural lash line, as it is only possible. One should put a coat of mascara on the natural lashes first, then the false lashes, and after that another coat of mascara to provide natural, but yet full and lush look.

  1. Let it shine
    In case if someone wants to add shine to h
    er look, there would be nothing better to choose, but a new array of shimmer products, such as foundations, blushes, eye shadows, lip glosses, etc.
    However, there exists one golden rule of glitter glamour: a woman should not wear shimmer or glimmer products on more than two areas of her face. In addition, it would be inappropriate to apply shimmer foundation along with shimmer eye shadow and blush and lip gloss – all at once. Instead of that one or at least two features should be chosen a woman wants to play up, and the shimmer should be concentrated there. In case if someone wants to highlight the brow tone and put some sparkly gloss on the lips, there should be no gloss on the cheeks, and in case if the blush is shimmery, then a matte eye with soft colors and a sheer or neutral and not a bright red lip would be the best decision.
  2. Down with dark circles

It is possible to bring light to the face with the help of concealer, and there is no necessity to use any glitter. This would be especially useful during the holiday season, when there is too much eggnog and too little sleep, which can result in the dark aging under – eye circles. Here is the trick to make the eyes pop: a concealer, which is in the same shade as the foundation, or which is even one or two shades darker, should be applied. Although, it is widely considered that it is good to use very bright concealer around the eyes; however, it can only make puffy tired eyes look puffier and more tired, because it draws attention to them.

And when there is dark concealer applied to puffy areas, their appearance reduces; and after that a concealer of the same shade as the foundation will help to blend in the darker circles.

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