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How to Determine your Makeup Style

How to Determine your Makeup Style

Determine your personality.

Before you start choosing your personal style you should identify who you are. You should recognize what you love the most about your personality and what you like most about your look. And after that this can be applied to your style. Determine if you are fun and flirty or you like to go for drama and glamour or you give the preference to more natural style.

If you study your lifestyle, identify your likes and dislikes and the requirements of your style it will be much easier for you to build your make up look. Look through three easy make up looks for three kinds of personality:

Make up for romantic, flirty and fun.

If you want to create a soft, pretty and feminine look with lots of sex appeal you need to start with glowing skin. To achieve this look you nee to mix a dab of lotion with your foundation to make your skin radiant.

Your cheeks should be flushed and become the focus area for color. You should try multi-use products. To create the natural blush you need to substitute a deep-coloured lip gloss for your blush. It should be applied sparingly on your cheeks.

The color of the eyes should be light. You can sweep a champagne-colour eye shadow over your lids.

Pay much attention to your lashes. They should have a fun and flirty look. You need to curl the lashes with a good eyelash curler. After that, apply two coats of really dark black mascara.

You can finish your look applying the dusting of shimmer powder on your cheekbones, collarbones and shoulders.

Make up for a glam queen.

Some women have a flair for drama and lean to something glamorous but they don’t know where to start. The main make up trick here is to play up your most appealing features and let them do all the talking. Follow these recommendations to put together your fab face:

  • A dramatic look requires more coverage. Your foundation should look dewy and at the same time provide a full coverage.
  • Your eyes should become the focus of your look. Don’t try to stick to charcoals and browns your eyes should be played up with color. To make your look more dramatic and glamorous you can use purples, blues and greens.

If you worry that you can go all out with the bright color you can try a cream-based eye shadow instead of a powder. As the result the color will be warmer and softer.

  • Apply a bronzer instead of a blush to avoid looking overdone.
  • Since your dramatic eyes are the main focus of your make up your lips should be soft and simple so they don’t clash.

Women who like natural look should create a glowing ‘no make-up’ look:

  • First of all you need to keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated regularly. Great looking skin is the most important step to a natural glow.
  • Don’t apply heavy foundation because it can weigh your skin sown. Try to use a tinted moisturizer instead which gives your skin a sun-kissed effect.
  • You shouldn’t put on to much blush. Give the preference to pink-based blush with pearlescent pigments.
  • The make up of your eyes and lips should be simple. Apply black mascara in order to highlight your eyes. You can also use a sheer lip gloss for a finishing touch. Less make up is more with this look.

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How to Determine your Makeup Style

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